Monday, January 18, 2021

Vocabulary platform Beeblio launches ios app

Beeblio plans on releasing its iOS mobile app pretty soon. It currently operates through its web platform
which can be accessed by visiting The concept behind the app is simple! to help people learn words in a more fun and exciting way. The CEO and Founder of Beeblio believe that at some point in everyone's life, they may get the need to study a foreign language. He mentioned how his app was built to simplify the entire learning process. 

"If beeblio can improve the experience of even one person who embarks on the journey of learning a language, whether it be a new language or just improving their level in the native language, then we feel it will be worth it". 

Beeblio is one of the easiest ways to improve your vocabulary by helping you regularly learn new words. By expanding your knowledge and learning new words you’ll be able to speak and write more concisely and clearly for people to understand you more easily. The mobile app and web application offers a unique experience for each person that uses the app so that they can learn new words they specifically do not know. Registered users or guests can use beeblio. The founders of the app have plans of integrating upcoming features such as "vocabulary list" and "flashcards". Teachers and tutors: will be able to create groups or classes, share vocabulary lists and flashcards within those groups, and see the work of the students in their groups. Later down the road, the company in addition plans on including games and challenges in which members can utilize for entertainment as they study new words. The mobile app is set to include more features as time goes on. 

One of the advantages of using this app apart from its unique design and interface is the fact that users can get quick access to features they need when they need it. Navigating through the app is very simple, the developers/founders made sure of that. 

The online platform and mobile application offer you the ability to learn words way faster as compared to other applications. With access to more than 250,000 words to learn from, this mobile app uses some of the best dictionaries in the world to assist you pull in the best results possible. Crafted utilizing an elevated level of calculation, this mobile application provides the best insights to help you with improving your lexicon within the briefest possible time. 

Beeblio works in an interesting yet simple way, The app has helped many individuals improve upon their vocabulary. Beeblio is one of the best vocabulary apps you can find out there. When searching for an app to improve your vocabulary you need one which is fun, exciting, and flexible to use. With Beeblio, you get to study new words at your own time, wherever and whenever you want. 

How It Works 

Using the Beeblio app is very simple. You first need to download the mobile app from the ios app store or visit the web application URL at After that, you need to create an account by putting in your information and answering a few questions on the registration page. After your account has been successfully registered, You can begin using the platform. 

● You (the user) provide a text content or a public URL; you can also upload a file, to process a private content. 

● The application filters from the text all the most frequent words of the language (you decide how many of the most frequently used words should be filtered out). 

● The result is presented as a list of words with useful resources to learn more about them. You can open the dictionary definition, or you can learn, in the context of the text, how to read, spell, and say each word. Best of all: you can save the word and sentences containing it. That is how you can study and practice further at your convenience. 

Beeblio is a lifelong learning network. Their massive body of questions ends with over 217,000. They later on utilize learning science to model (and forget) how you study new words. Collating your answers to the hundreds of millions of feedback from other Beeblio users, The platform will personalize your learning knowledge in order to be able to deliver you with the best results. 

One thing that makes beeblio stand out from other vocabulary apps apart from its unique and easy to use interface is the fact that the platform was designed to keep features users will need on sight whilst keeping the features the user doesn't need away from sight till he/she needs them. 

"We like how the main interactions that the user has with the application occur in just a couple of pages with a clean and simplistic design style. One of the main design objectives was to keep everything that the user doesn't need away from the sight until the user needs it." One fascinating thing concerning this app is the fact that it can be utilized by almost every language user despite his or her level. As a vocabulary application, it is presently available in English only but at the same time, the company believes any user above the age of 10years can benefit from using beeblio. 

That being said, people that we've seen were able to take the most advantage of this product include: 

1. Schoolchildren after the 3rd grade. 
2. Language teachers or tutors of any level. 
3. Parents also fall into this case 
4. People studying English for academic purposes, or other specialized uses. 

People who can also benefit from using this app include business professionals, international students, writers, journalists, bloggers, people preparing for certifications like ESL, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, IELTS, etc... as well as anyone studying business English, and those looking to sharpen their language skills to be better in their fields. 

Today Beeblio is available as a web application that you can use from your browser by visiting You can use Beeblio from a computer, a tablet, or a phone. The application is designed in a responsive way to adapt to your screen size. The founder has announced the release of the Beeblio android app no later than February 2021. 

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