Tuesday, May 18, 2021

"Lend a Helping Hand" by Chris DeVito: a dedication to the heroes

There's no denying that living through the last year with the pandemic has been an emotional roller coaster for many people around the world. Lives have been lost, families haven't been able to reunite, most concert venues have yet to reopen, and many small businesses and restaurants have shut down forever. For doctors and nurses on the front line, they've witnessed the worst of it. All across the world lives have been affected in many ways and for each person there is a different story. Some are more tragic than others. 

For New York City based Singer Songwriter, Chris DeVito, Covid has never been a faceless word you only hear about on television. When DeVito lost her father to Covid on April 15, 2020, the pandemic was very real and very personal. "This deadly virus cheated us out of so much. It cheated my dad out of so many more years of life, said DeVito. "It cheated our family out of sharing so many more precious memories together with him". 

Since the beginning of the lockdowns, musicians like Chris DeViro never stopped writing music. In fact, DeVito keeps giving us the gift of music and channeling her inner thoughts and feelings into a very relatable song called, "Lend a Helping Hand" to remind all of us that you are not alone and just like the title says, we are out here to lend a helping hand. 

While the live music industry has been at a near complete stand still, this tragedy hasn't stopped DeVito from writing music. This songwriter felt inspired to write one of the most powerful and inspiring songs during the pandemic to date. In fact, some of the best written songs throughout history were inspired on actual tragedies and "Lend a Helping Hand" is no exception. 

"I dedicate this song I wrote to all the lives lost from Covid and to the doctors and nurses who tirelessly tried to save them." said DeVito. "...to the families who were torn apart and left wondering why. My heart goes out to all of us." 

Chris DeVito recently launched her poetic and honest debut EP, “Beyond The Great Big Sky”. DeVito  has performed live in dozens of venues all over the New York Tri-State area. Her acoustic-folk style songs have a Bob Dylan meets Tracy Chapman feel. Her songs convey the kind of realism that many can relate to as her songs are very real and genuine.

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