Friday, August 6, 2021

Developing your creative voice in a Film Industry with Eunicet Pamela

A Director of Photography

We’ve been following Eunicet Pamela’s career for the past year and we must say that it’s been growing exponentially in the past months. 

She came to Los Angeles in the fall of 2018 after working in Fulldome Productions, were she made 3 successful Documentaries that were screened in International Film Festival like Immersive Film Festival in Brazil, BRNO Film Festival in Czech Republic, People and the Environment Baikal Film Festival in Russia among others. Since then she got more into narrative films and started expanding her portfolio. She already did her first feature film that is expected to be released at the beginning of next year. 

Also, selected as one of 30 people of 7,000 applicants to be part of the Academy GOLD Production track, well known as The Academy Rising Program. We talked with her to know what drives her to this industry and what we expect to see of her work. 

Hi Eunicet, thank you for taking the time for this… Please tell us a little of your creative process in a project, what drives you to make certain creative choices I always want to bring something new to the table so I always try to keep track of the latest trends in technology, lighting and camera. But also coming with new ideas on how to frame, aspect ratios and camera movements. 

But first, I always read the script and talk with the Director to understand their vision and then I do my research. I always make collages that help me to show the Director how I visualize something, how I see the colors, textures and transitions. This technique has led me to get more creative. Sometimes, we spend too much time on the computer, what we need to do is go out there, see a museum, make some crafts or even just go for a walk. 

This is awesome! And which project you have had the most fun or enjoy more prepping? 

It was definitely “Cain Rose Up ''. I made this film last year but we prepped for 6 months at least. I must say that having that much time definitely helped so much because we had so much time to brainstorm every idea we had. It is a psychological thriller so I was looking for a very specific look and it took me a lot of research and time to figure out and mostly how I had to translate it to the camera and what tool me and my team would need. 

And what about the production of this film, how did it go? 

It was awesome! Definitely challenging, we had a big location that was Los Feliz Highschool, it was pretty big and we had a bunch of extras and big setups, but it was very rewarding because those scenes look amazing! 

We even dress a school classroom into a house Christmas dinner and honestly it’s one of my favorite scenes. 

Shooting this project was a lot of fun because the Director Amy Nigro and I worked so much on this and we became very close friends. The shooting went very smoothly and the whole crew had a great time too. 

That sounds great! What about other projects and what is up next? 

Currently I’m supervising the Color correction in some other films I made like The Tongue with the Director Jose Chavez. 

This one is very interesting because it’s an experimental film with some crazy elements! Also I’m in the Festival Circuit for “Cain Rose Up” that is going to be screened for the first time at the Catalina Film Festival for the first time on the big screen. At the same time I’m prepping for the next films I’m gonna do like “Loving Autumn” by Fernanda Belmar starring Vivianne Dietz. 




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