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Half that strong: Interview with Presley Tennant

Presley Tennant is a 19 year old emerging country singer songwriter performer. She was on the Voice, on team Kelly Clarkson and has performed with her in Las Vegas. She also performed with Tim McGraw, Cody Johnson, and more. Presley has performed the National Anthem for Seattle Seahawks, Texas Rangers and Nascar.  

Thank you for coming on All Indie Magazine to talk about yourself! 

AIM: Let’s start off with the biggest question of all. How did you feel when you were asked to perform a duet with none other than the legendary Kelly Clarkson? 

PT: It was a dream come true when I got to sing a duet with Kelly Clarkson. I’ve looked up to Kelly since I could remember so when she asked me, it was a moment I’ll never forget. 

AIM: Your trip to stardom is only just beginning and yet, you’ve already performed the national anthem for the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers, PLUS you’ve performed alongside Tim McGraw, Cody Johnson, and Mike Montgomery. Are you still on cloud 9 when you look back at this amazing journey? Tell us about these experiences and how did those fantasies become a reality for you? 

PT: I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the amazing people that I have met and worked with on my journey. Looking back at it always reminds me of why I love to do music. It’s an amazing feeling to know that my hard work results in people looking and reaching out to me and give me an opportunity to do what I love. I would 100% say that it was cloud 9 then and still on cloud 9 now! 

AIM: Let’s go back in time. Where did your inspiration and influence to become a music artist come from? 

PT: I wouldn’t necessarily say that there was one person who inspired or influenced me, but actually many different artists. I remember being so young and admiring how much passion artists have for music and that was something that really inspired me. As well as how music affects someone and how its portrayed and interpreted. Music is a powerful thing that definitely moved me and led me to where I am now. 

AIM: How do you come up with the material to write your songs? Are they personal experiences or are they made up stories or both? 

PT: I mainly write off of personal experiences but I do take lots on inspiration from whats around me and stories that I’ve heard and turn them into a song. Every once in awhile I’ll write a song about a made up situation but I find it easier to write when I’ve lived through it instead of trying to imagine a scenario. 

AIM: Since 2019, you’ve released six songs including your latest single “Bite the Bullet”. Of all the music you’ve released so far, what song or songs are you most proud of and why? 

PT: My favorite song that I’ve released would be “Half That Strong”. I originally wrote the song for my dad’s birthday last year to tell him thank you for everything that he has done and how much of a role model he is to me. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love without him there. 

AIM: What has been your toughest challenges you’ve had to face as an independent artist? 

PT: I would say that my toughest challenge as an independent artist is honestly how young I am. A lot of people look at a 19 year old and don’t expect someone to do it for themselves and think that it’s probably a third-party pushing me to do music, but I LOVE every bit of what I do. They don’t expect a 19 year old independent artist to be as serious and professional as I am. 

AIM: For anyone aspiring to become a music artist, what is your best advice? 

PT: I would tell them to be completely authentic. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel truly you. In order for everyone else to believe in you, you have to believe first. If you don’t think that way, then keep trying something new until you are happy because at the end of the day you should be happy with who you are as not only an artist but as a person. 

AIM: Most people can only imagine what it’s like to create something and perform it in front of a small crowd. What is it like to you when you perform in front of thousands or millions of people? How does it make you feel? 

PT: This might sound strange but I find it easier to perform in front of bigger crowds. Something about the energy is so much more inviting and I really get to let go and just have fun. 

AIM: What are a few of your favorite songs that you loved as a child and still love today? 

PT: I don’t perform this song but I grew up listening to it and its still one of my favorite songs today and that’s “Don’t Take The Girl” by Tim McGraw. 

AIM: What can people look forward to from Presley Tennant in 2021 and beyond? More music releases? Music videos? A tour perhaps? 

PT: You can expect lots of new music this year! I’ve been writing and recording non-stop and I’m so excited for everyone to hear. I’m also performing on September 11th at Country Blend Festival in Mesa, Arizona so if anyone’s in the area, make sure to come on down!  

Thank you so much for talking with us Presley! We can’t wait to hear more from you and we wish for you to have the most amazing career! Perhaps one day soon, you will be behind the chair and calling the shots on The Voice alongside Kelly Clarkson! 

PT: Thank you so much! That really means a lot! Ahhh that would be a dream come true haha!

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