Monday, September 20, 2021

Supermodel Lisa Bree Hoggarth opens Male Exclusive Model Agency


Lisa Bree Hoggarth spoke to The Numa Network who is based in Calgary, about the possibility of her opening and expanding an Australian division. Lisa said, “one minute I said to Taryn (at Numa) we should start an agency here” and then we were on a zoom call not long after discussing logistics. It’s said to be a career advancement and opportunistic place for male models to receive Lisa’s guidance and grooming, before they’re off on their own. Lisa intends to provide the models with her fashion label to wear, Michaelangelo’s Divas. “I want it to be a memorable experience with me and one that propels their career afterwards, One Italian model has just completed his first professional shoot, he was nervous he said, I’m his agent from afar for now”, said the Australian beauty. Hallways Are Runways Agency aka Sexsi Agency is a division of hallways are runways, and affiliated with The Numa Network. During the global pandemic in 2020 Lisa rushed in and said, “don’t shut the doors Fashion, I’m here on my hallway aka runway” and she bought online, supported designers and gained a worldwide following. This concept was Lisa’s break into the industry, during Melbourne’s four month pandemic.

Promoting a new model agency for men only: Instagram: @hallways_are_runways_agency
(no fb, no Twitter) 

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