Saturday, December 11, 2021

Interview with the Founder of Egyptian Gold Coin Inu

Owner of this new coin called Egyptian Gold Coin Inu is a previous app developer who has a love for ancient Egypt and wanted to bring that world to the public. This coin is all about appreciating the past and using its knowledge for the future. This is a new to circulation coin that is for all people all ages and cultures and celebrates unity and are ability as human to perfectly express ourselves. Ancient Egypt is the model for the coins idea of perfecting art, beauty and life as the Egyptians attempted to do. 

Interview with the Egyptian Gold Coin Founder

AIM: Let's talk about Egyptian Gold Coin Inu and educate us about the benefits and accessibility of crypto assets. In the world of cryptocurrencies, are you the first of its kind from Egypt? 
EGCF: There are many coins in the market and there are some with the name Egypt in it. 

AIM: Are they from Egypt? 
EGCF: Not sure as many crypto owners choose to remain anonymous. 

AIM: How competitive is your financial system? 
EGCF: I would say as competitive as most currencies it's capped at 21,000,000 in terms currency cap. 

AIM: How does this cryptocurrency measure up with the big guys? 
EGCF: We are just starting out so we don't have as much advertising as some of the more known coins. Our goal is to spread the word , and let people know it exists. 

AIM: In a real world economy where people have banks, loans, credit cards, education, and jobs; how does Egyptian Gold Coin Inu fit in today's reality? 
EGCF: Like all crypto coins they are an anonymous way to spend money, you use your wallet which contains a code of numbers. It is something all it's own, new and exciting part of the future. 

AIM: Would you say that Egyptian Gold Coin Inu is an opportunity for a population that wouldn't normally participate in today's modern digital economy? Explain how your coin is more accessible. 
EGCF: It will be more accessible soon, we plan to launch on multiple markets in the near future. 

AIM: What was your primary motivation for creating your own cryptocurrency? 
EGCF: It was to create a coin that celebrates the mysteries of Egypt and to help those who invest in it make a profit. To promote it and help all kinds of people benefit from the investment. 

AIM: Are there laws that could impede your ability to grow and compete as a top tier cryptocurrency? EGCF: There are no laws that stop one from growing their coin that I have heard of, no. 

AIM: What are the risks of placing an investment in Egyptian Gold Coin Inu? 
EGCF: With all investments out there is always a chance of loss. The owner of the coin should constantly be promoting the coin to get the sales to go up and value. 

AIM: As a first time Egyptian Gold Coin Inu investor, what is your strategy in order to maximize growth and maximum earning potential? 
EGCF: Non-stop advertising and promoting, keep getting the word out there in different ways. 

AIM: Is Egyptian Gold Coin Inu here for the long haul? Would it be safe to expect this coin to be around for many years? 
EGCF: Yes, I don't plan on ever stopping. We will try even if there is no progress. 

AIM: Thank you for talking with All Indie Magazine. Any last comments or suggestions? 
EGCF: I would say give a try as well as follow us on social media. We love you all and thank you for reading this.

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