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A Black Leather Fantasy: Interview with MELØ

MELØ rides an edge where retro-futurism meets indie-pop and blooms into overdrive. He was raised on the streets of South Detroit where the echoes of techno and punk fused together to spin his creative mind into form. After years of keeping his music from the public, a personal intervention struck him like a bolt of lightning. In an instant he realized it was time to finally record the songs he had been hiding and let the world get to hear them. 

His upcoming debut LP, Songs From The Spirit Box pulls together influences from David Bowie, INXS, and Depeche Mode, and filters them through modern production that flirts with pop, dabbles with vaporware, and remains true to its own sound. The songs play like fantasies from the speakers evoking memories of late summer night drives, lost love, and estranged friends. It mirrors the past present, and future all at once. 

The lush emotive pop of the 80’s has finally found a way through the 2020’s that feels honest and grounded. There is no room for trendy studio tricks and cliched aesthetics here. It’s rare for artists to create new genres, but MELØ is doing just that. His music remains accessible while holding space for mystery. As the current musical landscape continues to overflow with new bedroom artists that no one can tell apart, true artistry and star power is a trophy. MELØ is the grand arrival of Post-New Wave.

Recently, All Indie Magazine had the privilege of sitting down with MELØ, to do an interview with the sensational Canadian Pop singer-songwriter. 

AIM: How are you MELØ and can you tell us about your background and where you are from and describe your music style? 
MELØ: I’m doing well and thank you for having me on All Indie Magazine. I recently checked out your online magazine and was really impressed by the coverage you give to a wide variety of independent music artists. It’s great to see. I’m from Windsor, Ontario, Canada some people consider it to be South Detroit, border city to Detroit. As a teenager growing up in the Windsor/Detroit areas. I was consumed by the Detroit blend of techno, punk and everything in between. They always had the best radio stations around. That diverse music scene helped shape my creative mind. It’s a Retro-futuristic sound combined with 80’s New Wave with a modernized production. A hybrid infusion of retro vibes with a modern edge. 

AIM: So, this is your second single release and it’s called, “Black Leather Fantasy”. What was your inspiration for writing and creating this song? I love songwriting and telling stories. I love exploring themes of fantasy, supernatural, dreams, mysteries, spiritual revelations. This story is a play between reality and wild illusions where the Designer brings his mannequins to life with a twisted end cliffhanger. 

AIM: The music video for “Black Leather Fantasy” was very enjoyable and pleasing to watch. Tell us about the process and the development of the concept for the music video. Was this exactly your vision all along or did the director do most of the work with the storyline? When I wrote the song I already had a visual vision of what I wanted this song to be about. It’s a dark fetish-inspired fantasy story about a disillusioned fashion designer ,who works on mannequins and brings them to life. With the help of Director Daniel Victor he helped bring the vision together, fill in the blanks and create the vibe. We had a great time shooting this video. 

AIM: There was some familiarity in this video. You might even compare your video with Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”. Was his video an inspiration for your music video? 
MELØ: Yes, there were some similarities with Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love;” it's one of the most iconic 80’s videos ever. It was just hypnotizing to watch. It inspired me to have the mannequins come to life, which play in his imaginary band. Part of the plot twist of the song. 

AIM: Many artists recall a pivotal moment when they realized they wanted to pursue a career in music. Do you remember when it was that you thought to yourself, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life? 
MELØ: I grew up playing with a hand-me-down guitar at 12 years old and right away started writing songs and forming jam bands with my brother Tony and some of the neighborhood kids. We would perform in Talent Shows and Battle of the Bands. I remember how that felt , it was the best feeling. 

AIM: What is it about your music that sets you apart from other artists? 
MELØ: As the current musical landscape continues to overflow with new bedroom artists and many choices for the listeners, I personally love bringing the listeners on a musical journey, twisting them from one side of the map to the other, from sound to sight. Losing yourself for a short moment of time before heading back to reality. For me, I throw myself into these songs, while visualizing and painting the picture for the listeners. And hopefully my music and vision connects with all my Melodramatics out there. 

AIM: Let’s talk about your inspirations as a music artist. Who is the most influential artist to you as a young adult? 
MELØ: There are many musical influences on this list to name. I’m going way back. Friends that know me, know that I am a huge Depeche Mode fan, so many great albums and songs. They forever changed me, emotionally and spiritually. My heart still pounds when I turn their music up when I'm driving. My other influence would be the ever changing musical genius of David Bowie who had a great influence on me. Many styles, and the faces of Bowie kept you captivated with every album. I loved how he changed from album to album, making his listeners guess. I could only wish and strive to be a storyteller like Bowie. The Cure was a big influence on me, with all their mood swings. Robert Smith is a great songwriter. They were the band that laid the seed for Goth rock. It's hard to keep Prince off my list. I’m a forever fan, The ultimate performer and songwriter. He touched so many and I continually listen to his music. 

AIM: What music artists do you look up to today? 
MELØ: Some of the Artists that I’m currently into , MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, Washed Out. You can find them mixed in with the classics playing on my playlist. 

AIM: If you could share the stage with someone or collaborate a song with, who would you want to do it with? 
MELØ: My dream collaboration would be Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or the legendary Deborah Harry of Blondie. 
AIM: Your first single “Mysteria” is just as memorable. This title feels like a Pop throwback from the early 80s. There’s not a lot of showmanship or flare, but it definitely stands out on its own. It’s one of those songs that you can sit back and enjoy as a centerpiece of your evening or as enjoy it as a daily song in the background while you work. What was your initial vision when you wrote this song? 
MELØ: Thank you so much. Mysteria was my first single. It's an electro-pop track. I wanted to take the listeners on that 80’s nostalgic journey, evoking memories of late summer drives and that lush pop sound, I had the vision of the story in my head, taking place in an underground Berlin type club and a dancer. A story of a captivating woman and her addiction to dancing, the nightlife, as release of her sexual tension. The Mysteria video tells that story. 

AIM: What do you have in store for us in the coming months. What can we expect from MELØ in the near future? More music? A tour? 
MELØ: I’ve written about 35-40 songs, working on narrowing them down. In the next few months I’ll be releasing a few more singles, working towards an album release “Songs from the Spirit Box” in late summer. Continue on songwriting and develop songs with Domenico Ambrosio (Producer/Mixing). Also will be working on a live show, with a band. Looking forward to having some fun live and bringing the MELØ show to people. 

AIM: Where can people find your music? 
MELØ: You can find me on all the attached links. Thank you so much for the interview. Appreciate the opportunity and support. 
MELØ Official Website https://www.melomusicofficial.com/

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