Wednesday, June 1, 2022

SAVARRE Has Set High Benchmarks With Its New Single “Scars.”

After releasing their latest single, “Scars,” the avant-garde spectra rock band SAVARRE has established  itself as one of the most talented musical ensembles. SAVARRE’s music is a blend of Baroque, Medieval, and alternative rock genres and is known for its unflinching authenticity. Scars,” the band SAVARRE’s newest track, is a surefire hit. After hearing “Scars,” you’ll know you’re in for something special. Although it is unquestionably creative and original, it is also immensely accessible, thanks to its dynamic soundscape and foreboding climactic tones. Additionally, the band pays homage to artists like St. Vincent and Evanescence while creating its own unique sound. To create a gorgeous arrangement that seems well-balanced, well-thought-out, and gloriously organic all the way through, the band has incorporated every element, from addictive choruses to dark, sweeping melodies.

Shannon Denise Evans, the band’s lead singer, is well-known for her ability to bring songs to life via her impassioned singing. A multi-talented musician and author best recognized for her work, she demonstrates her talent for telling stories via music. “Scars” is a new uniting single that exhibits Evans’ stunning voice and the emotional depth of her personal experiences. Shannon believes that her endured hardships have made her stronger, smarter, and more tenacious. Now that she has come to a complete understanding of her own identity and acceptance of who she is, she proudly displays her scars. This song is for you if you don’t know how to deal with awful situations and feelings!

You can stream “Scars” everywhere, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Check out 
SAVARRE’s Instagram page for more information on the band and its upcoming endeavors!

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