Friday, July 8, 2022

Song Review: "I Want You'' by Nasim Siddeeq

Nasim Siddeeq has released the song "I Want You" via MLife Records. This song mixes multiple genres, primarily R&B, Pop, and soul, and will be enjoyed by fans of all these genres. "I Want You" will also be enjoyed by fans of love songs, as lyrically this song is about wanting to be with a love desire. In addition to releasing the audio, Nasim Siddeeq has offered a music video for "I Want You," directed by Lenny Lopez and produced by Traviso Milner. 

The music video starts off by showing an open road while synths begin to play. Soon after, listeners will hear the first lyrics: "It don't matter/We both got floors." The music video takes place in a wide variety of settings, including that road. Viewers will also find Nasim Siddeeq playing guitar in an open field and skipping rocks at the shore. Regardless of what activitiy Nasim Siddeeq is doing and what the setting is, "I Want You" perfectly gives off the 90s vibe, and people will surely be able to relate to it, especially those who remember their love interest. 

As the lyrics progress, listeners will come to realize that "I Want You" speaks about Nasim Siddeeq wanting to be in a relationship with someone. For example, he sings "You'll always be the best I ever had," a romantic line. By belting out the chorus, Nasim Siddeeq has made that part of "I Want You" rather memorable, and for a good reason.


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