Friday, July 22, 2022

Tarah Who? - ‘Toast to the Brave’

Los Angeles-based rock duo Tarah Who? have given us their 2nd single of 2022, ‘Toast to the Brave,’ inspired by a holiday that originated in Mexico called ‘Día De Muertos’, which translates to ‘Day of the Dead.’ Each verse discusses a different topic, the first being about an Indonesian submarine that tragically sank in 2021. The second is a more personal story about a friend of vocalist Tarah Carpenter, who was going through some tough times without his friends knowing; he kept a strong face-up and showed resilience. The final verse touches on the execution of Quintin Phillippe Jones, who was on death row for an excruciating 20 years.

This track starts as it means to go on, with lyrics of ‘don’t be afraid, you’ve got to be brave, we will all end up there anyway’ being sang in a sinister and threatening way alongside some unsettling electric guitar that paints the picture of an evil, mysterious, slimy creature emerging from cracks in the ground. The track gradually picks up more and more aggression for the next 30 seconds, with explosive drums and hard-hitting vocals bringing the intensity.

Unexpected guitar riffs change the pace of the song, and chants in unison of ‘Dead! Dead! Dead!’ steer us through the rest of this organized (I think?) chaos. You never really know where you’re at during this song, but that’s the beauty of it. Tarah Who? give you everything you want from a grunge-punk band and then some more.

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