About Us

Nowaccepting660x60All Indie Magazine was founded and established in May 2009. All Indie Magazine is an entertainment publication initially created to compliment our radio show,  The Great Unknowns Presents on KGUP 106.5FM, but has continued to grow and become more than just a regular blog.

All Indie Magazine features music reviews, interviews, in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the independent music scene, a source of information for independent music artists on how to succeed in the industry, and is the official blog of the Artists In Music Awards.

Meet the staff:

Mikey Jayy, managing editor / radio personality

Andrew Valenzuela, chief design editor, chief photography editor

Karo Chakhlasyan, staff writer

Maverick Hatch, staff writer

Erinn Grotefend, host of "All Indie TV powered by The Hollywood Siren"

Samantha Foley, contributing writer

Mike McCreedy, contributing writer

Vinny Ribas, contributing writer

Michele McManmon, contributing writer

Hugo Avina, photographer

De Fen, photographer