Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Special Announcement regarding The Great Unknowns Presents

Since the inception of The Great Unknowns Presents, TGUP has established partnerships with several record labels, an A&R company, PR companies, and indie magazines including ArtiSans Records, Arial Publicity, Blood & Ink Records, Bloodtown Records, Doghouse Records, Indie Bible, Indie Connect, Music X-Ray, Rama Music, Rise Records, Runaas PR, and Vigrant Records, plus several other labels and management teams.

As of November 15, The Great Unknowns Presents and All Indie Magazine are pleased to announce the newest affiliate partnership with none other then IMTAgency in their Music Division.

IMTAgency (International Models & Talent Agency) has been representing models and actors for nearly four years. With the addition of the new Music Division, IMTAgency now represents musicians. The company has been in the process of expanding the division over the past year and in the recent months, Mikey Jayy of The Great Unknowns Presents and Margaret Guiraud of IMTAgency have teamed up to develop an action plan to help bolster the careers of musicians to further launch their careers.

IMTAgency has been actively working behind the scenes developing artists portfolios and placing music through music licensing in television, movies, and commercials. So, what does this mean for IMTAgency and The Great Unknowns Presents?

This partnership will provide an avenue of unlimited exchange of opportunities that will benefit all musicians and benefit IMTAgency and The Great Unknowns Presents to become a recognizable force in the field of eProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ertainment for many years to come.


  1. Nice, Loved The Great Unknowns since he featured my band CrimsonFaced way back when... Awesome...
    Mike E.T.

  2. I like this good one!Come check me out!

  3. Congrats Mikey<:, cheers to and opening and new adventure.