Friday, April 1, 2011

Interview with Alphanaut: "From Moonbase Alpha"

Combining modern ambient and electro tones with a touch of retro synth-pop of the mid-80’s, comes Mark Alan of Alphanaut.

The best way to describe the listening experience of Alphanaut is like traveling through a space-time continuum with visualizations through music. Some may refer to this as psychedelic rock or even avant-garde synth, music that was popular among artists like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Art of Noise, and Enigma. Creatively, Alphanaut is much more complex and combines some of each to create a whole new style.

Originally from the grunge infested scene of Seattle, Alan’s music style did not mesh well with the current trends, so Alan headed south to Los Angeles to pursue his own music identity. In 2009 Alan’s vision came into fruition and released The Lunar Age. In 2010, he released Out of Orbit. In less than a year later, Alan was already starting to lay the ground work for his soon to be released album of Little Sun, which is due to hit the market in summer of 2011.

Lunar Age and Out of Orbit shows more of the electro side of Alan’s artistic vision, while Little Sun will have more of a funk-jazz and hip hop flare to it, giving fans yet another side of Alan. I haven’t heard all his new music except for, “Satellites Crashing” and “Run”, but from what I hear I am waiting in anticipation. This new style is a whole new avenue from his typical sci-fi view point. With that said, Little Sun lyrics still faces the into the far reaches of outer space, but his two feet are firmly planted on the ground and sounds more closer to lounge music in comparison to his previous works.

Songs that take notice: “Never Been to Athens”, “Spontaneity”, “The Innocence of Time”, “Her Eleven  Eyes”, “Jennifer”, and “Mystery Loves Company”.

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*Mark Alan of Alphanaut was interviewed by Mikey Jayy. This episode was booked through Music Xray. All music was provided by Mark Alan of Alphanaut

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  1. Hi Mikey Jayy
    Really enjoyed this post and the video. Nice to hear some 80s throwback with a definite twist of originality.