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Bittersweet Sunny Day - The Great Unknowns Presents LIVE, Ep 152Flipside - The Great Unknowns Presents LIVE, Ep 152

Thanks for tuning in to our 152nd episode of The Great Unknowns Presents! If you missed our live broadcast, you can always listen and read here for our latest episodes and news updates.

This week we are featuring 7 amazing artists including AOEDE as she released her brand new LP entitled Skeletons of the Muse. For AOEDE, you cannot tag her as a single genre artist, in fact, it is much harder to pin her down in one category, because her music is outside any realm of typical categories. Instead, put her in your "Popular" playlist and hit repeat often, because if you enjoy music by Regina Spektor, and Feist, Ingrid Michaelson then you will definitely enjoy AOEDE.

Besides Lights -
Other music, we have the song, "Afraid to Fall" by Beside Lights of Perth, Australia. If you've been watching Australia's Got Talent, then you know exactly who they are. They recently released their debut self-titled EP and having been a band for less than a year, they've done everything right within a short amount of time and the momentum continues to grow. If you like The Script and Coldplay, then they guys will fit right in with your playlist.

In Air -
Other music this week is a brand new track by the band, In Air with a song called, "Flipside". In Air was previously known as Nobody Gets Killed, but they felt their name held a negative connotation and did not reflect their sound. So after much debate, they changed their name. With songs like "Fire", "In Air", "The Fall", their name not only fits, but they are quickly becoming one of the most incredible bands you have never heard of.

Drunk Souls -
Even if you are not a fan of reggae, you will still enjoy the song, "Human Race" by Drunk Souls. Their entire collection of songs on their CD Revolution, is a collection of rather groovy songs that delivers catchy songs and hooks that draw you in. If you enjoyed the band UB40 back in the 80s, you will love Drunk Souls. With over 100,000 downloads of their debut LP, they have tapped into a market that is very much alive and for an indie band, this is a very difficult task to accomplish. They are proof you do not need to conform to the trends of American Pop in order to make a living.

Olg Prodeus -

“Can You Feel the Rain” by Oleg Prodeus is a featured song of the week, because the song exemplifies a perfect balance and harmony. The 13 is packed with intense songs that delivers a combination of adult contemporary, gothic, and rock rolled inside of one and after hearing the entire album, it was extremely difficult to just choose one. Read the full CD review here

Francis Bowie -
A smile and two middle fingers is what you get from artist Francis Bowie of Copenhagen, Denmark...that is if you are a hater. "Sunny Day" by Francie Bowie is probably one of my favorite tracks off of his brand new self-titled, EP. Being anti-pop himself, his music is another one of those hard to label artist's within a single genre. While it's hard for record labels to market multi-genre artists, ultimately it is the fans that decide who buys the music. With Francis Bowie you get more for your money with a variety of eclectic sounds and audio art. With his song, "Wasting My Time", there is a hint of Depeche Mode influence, then you get to the song, "Endlessly". It is one of his more "Pop" singles off his EP.  Then finally comes the song, "Silly and Crazy". Here's where I thought he sounds much like Jonathon Davis of KoRn meets The Cure. You just can't make this stuff up. You've got to hear it to believe it.

In Cages -
Perhaps my favorite of the week is the song, "Walk Away" by In Cages. When you incorporate a cellist in your band, you add a whole other dimension that would otherwise be unnoticed if you were used to any other form of electronic music. When it seems like everyone is trending towards dubstep, sometimes sticking with classical instruments is the best alternative. In Cages is categorized as an Indie Rock band and Alternative Rock band. If you are a fan of the 80s new wave rock and 90s grunge rock, then In Cages fits right in.

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