Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Jellycats

On Thursday I got the chance to see the second part of The Jellycats - T.W.A.T video being filmed by +44 films. It was really enjoyable and so funny watching 'the twat's' performance. 

Check it out; 

The Jellycats remind me of a modern day madness, which makes them adaptable to all ages, I love that there's finally a band that both my dad and I can enjoy. When i asked who they thought they sounded like most The Jellycats compared themselves to Reel Big Fish which i totally agree with!

I love how the video has come out, they had a clear idea of what they wanted and +44 films managed to capture that perfectly. It was really refreshing to meet a band that are so down to earth, lovely, welcoming and genuine. I'm rooting for The Jellycats success as they really do deserve it.

The Jellycats are also in the festival chart in the famous Redbull Bedroom Jam, if you liked the above video then why not help them out!? Vote them 5 stars, leave a comment and share it around.

Make sure you check The Jellycats outs; 

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